Texas House Approves $246 Billion Budget with Funding Increases for Schools, Healthcare and Public Safety

The Texas House of Representatives has approved a $246 billion budget that includes significant investments in education, healthcare, and public safety.


The budget, which passed with a vote of 149-1, includes $1 billion in additional funding for public schools, as well as pay raises for teachers and other school staff. It also provides $2.7 billion for healthcare services, including funding for Medicaid and mental health programs.

In addition to education and healthcare, the budget includes investments in public safety, with $1 billion in funding for the Department of Public Safety and other law enforcement agencies.

The passage of the budget comes amidst ongoing debates around fiscal policy and spending priorities in Texas and the US more broadly. As the state continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and grapple with other key challenges, lawmakers and stakeholders are seeking to balance the need for economic growth and stimulus with the need for fiscal responsibility and long-term planning.

Overall, the $246 billion budget represents a significant investment in key priorities in Texas, including education, healthcare, and public safety, and reflects the state's ongoing commitment to meeting the needs of its residents and communities. As lawmakers and stakeholders continue to debate and discuss key policy issues, the budget will play an important role in shaping the state's future trajectory and ensuring a more equitable and prosperous future for all Texans.